Kingdom of Gladea

Kingdom of Gladea

  • Gladius (King)
  • Samuel (Prince)
  • Kiel (Prince)
  • Tae Trelleen (Royal Caretaker)

Description: The Kingdom of Gladea is a central location in Alindor planted within its vast plains. Every major road is controlled by the kingdom and they are also patrolled by Gladean soldiers. Gladea controls most of the Sireus river, which is one the largest in the region along with most of the northern plains. Within the walls is a city filled with incredible triumph and grandeur. Exaggeratedly large buildings, statues and monuments fill the streets up to the keep. Gardens of crimson flowers and red banners of the white stoned walls make the city’s raiment come to life through the pride-filled citizens.

Their power, sway, and control over most of the region ever since the Great War has strengthened immensely. They proudly wave their crimson banners for all to remember the triumph over the darkness twenty five years prior, and will continue to ignore the aid they received from anyone that may of helped in the effort.

Gladean Banner

Ancient History: Some believe the Dreaghans and Gladeans were once part of the same group of nomadic people, but separated after a grievance about where to travel next. Other Gladean don’t want to associate themselves of having any Dreaghan ancestry whatsoever and dispute that particular belief. The real history of how Gladea was formed is still stowed away in the castle library and many curious historians prod for the real truth to appear. The oldest, displayable information on the public forums speaks of the Gladean lines of kings dating back to Gladius ‘the Bold,’ when he took power through a controversial duel against Skarrlin Drogbjorn. Some were skeptical of Skarrlin even being human, but his sway over some of the Gladeans motivated his ability to lead. Ever since the great duel, the kingdom planted its firm fist in the plains of Alindor. Along with the firm grasp of preceding kings, Gladea has been a force both feared and respected by all in the region.

Modern History: The current king is Gladius IV and received the throne a mere year before the darkened plague swept across the region from the west. Gladius has two sons, one named Samuel and another named Kiel. Samuel is the heir and has been awaiting his turn with anticipation. Kiel realized at a young age his duties would be much different, so he strayed for politics and delved deeper into history, lore and faith. Tae Trelleen has been the boy’s caretaker ever since they were born and has been a mentor to the important Gladean Princes.

The city has continued to house the sickles of the Dark Lord within a shrine set on public display. The triumph over Seil brought travelers from afar to witness the hulking blades up close. Proud about their past, Gladeans have lost the respect for the unknown and have looked towards their future with little fear of conquering all that they oppose. Speaking terms amongst nearly every city in Alindor has become edgy as the king grows older and more skeptical about their true intentions. Conspiracies and secrets litter the senate halls in Gladea with little room for actual truth.

Great War: The Dreaghans have been a thorn in their side ever since they aided in the Great War at the Gladean walls. Many believe Dreagha still houses and worships dark artifacts within their caverns ever since Balphemir tried to prevent Gladius from striking the final blow to Seil to end the war. Balphemir was hoping Brendon could be broken from Seil’s spell, but the opportunity for Gladius to take the glory was all too potent for him to resist. Ever since that day of what some call, ‘a victory’ and others say, ‘treachery’ the two kingdoms have been at odds with every issue that presents itself.



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