Kingdom of Dreagha

Southeastern Alindor

  • King Balphemir
  • Queen Kalina
  • Prince Raulin
  • Princess Adeline

Description: The Kingdom of Dreagha is located within a mountain chain in the southeastern coast of Alindor. Renowned for its mining and architecture, the Dreaghans built their city underground within the cavernous Dreaghan Mountains. Using ingenuity, they devised elaborate mirror systems along with fire and magic to enlighten their halls. Those that wander through the gates for the first time are mystified by how the minerals sparkle within the walls. One can only guess how many millions of times light is deflected, reflected and refracted to give light to the many citizens that call the kingdom home.

From the outside, the kingdom is securely planted within the rocks with only one entry by land to enter. Armies have tried to march on their walls in the past, but none have been able to push into the city.

Dreaghan Banner

Ancient History: Nomads with a fascination of rock and constructing were the first Dreaghans to step foot onto Alindorian soil. Dreagh, the leader of the nomadic group was weary of the constant wandering and wanted to know if there was more to life than just roaming from one animal to another. One day, when he was fishing in what now is called, the Lake of Ages, he felt a large tug on his rod and reeled in a giant fish. To his surprise, he noticed something bulging from its stomach. When he cleaned his catch he uncovered a clear gem that sparkled in the sun. Completely mesmerized by his find, he ran to the others to show off what he found. The elders examined the strange rock and viewed it as a sign. To the delight of the group Dreagh agreed to stake this area their own. Now they all could finally pursue their passion of building without threat of moving. An old Dreaghan saying defines the story best, ‘In Dreagha, even the fish have good taste.’

The undertaking of the mountain kingdom took over 100 years to construct until the area was habitable inside. When the city was fully completed, the Dreaghans pointed their attention inside and closed the rest of the world out for many years. This action is one that other cities and kingdoms like to prod at by calling them, ‘hermits.’

Modern History: In recent time, the Dreaghans dug through the mountain to the sea so they could hold a port within their walls. The opportunity for trade became lucrative to the hermits and they decided to come out of their shells for the sake of gaining wealth and notoriety amongst other Alindorians. Dreagha is a bustling city with many merchants and sellers walking through its stone walls. They keep a very tight leash on outsiders, but they also allow many rights and privileges to those that benefit the kingdom. Some within the city walls still like to keep to themselves as it is fairly simple to find dark areas within the caverns, but many Dreaghans have found the new accommodations welcoming.

The Great War: 25 years ago from present time, Balphemir, the current king of Dreagha lost a son named, Brendon to the Dark Lord Seil. The vile Deceiver took his boy as his vessel and wreaked havoc on the western lands near Gladea. Feeling partially to blame for the terror and with hope to retrieve his son, Balphemir took his army west and defended Gladea against the spawns of darkness. Gladius, the new king of Gladea blamed the attack on the royal house of Dreagha and viewed them more as pawns than men in the great battle. Balphemir ever since has despised the Gladeans even after the great victory against the Dark Lord. His son was lost as was his spirit of forgiveness. The ties between the two kingdoms continue to be fragile.


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