Realm of Alindor

The realm of Alindor is very similar to our own, but it is more in touch with the supernatural. Natural laws command the realm

and it is bound to this system, but outlying forces can disrupt its sync. The humans of this world have seen the strange and unexplainable, but the happenings are so rare, they have become fables, myths and tall tales to the younger generations. Instead of believing in demons, the young believe in evil humans. Instead of angels, there are just some very kind people. Instead of miracles or tragedies, it’s simply coincidence. Instead of a world that respects these powers, Alindor has become idle.

Description: The world in its natural state is one of pristine beauty. Plush, green fields of tall grass along with its abundant tree life give the world a warm, welcoming feeling upon the first visit. Laying atop a hill within one of its vast prairies gives one the feeling of pure calm and to some, can increase their meditations. A light breeze whisking from the east brings the slightest taste of salt from the Sea of Haden. It’s light aroma has been rumored to drive away doubt and worry from even the most troubled of souls. At night, the exuberance of stars makes one feel like a minor speck within a vast tapestry. The melody of crickets and the howl of wolves are not apparent enough to hinder this beauty, but rather maintain the harmony of the breathing, beating environment. Becoming one with nature in Alindor would be considered too easy, if it were not for those that want to consume its majestic landscapes for their own gains.

Evil Forces

Evil Forces: The Deceiver views this land of plenty from a gluttonous perspective. His infinite desire to achieve self-glorification and the utter destruction of anyone who is defiant are his drives. The humans that inhabit this plush region have taken upon themselves the undertaking of protecting the land from the trickster. Unfortunately, the Deceiver is masterful at his craft as he has already begun unwinding the kingdoms from the inside. As the sun sets upon the land, many fear it will not rise again as darkness begins to creep from the west. The Prince of Lies has set his sights on the land, and the people are naive enough to believe he’s not a real threat. They take for granted all the opportunity given freely each day as their greed and pride remain unchecked.

He waits in the shadows, knowing his power lies within their ignorance.

“Don’t believe I’ve returned little sheep, believe I am nothing but a shadow of a remnant. Believe me to be just a legend. In time, I will strike. While you prepare to reap your harvests, I will ready myself to reap your souls.” -The Deceiver

Good Forces: Many have found it difficult to find any forces for good in Alindor, but that may be because they’re so abundant that they are often overlooked. If there was no ‘good,’ one begs the question, would there even be Alindor? The Maker of Alindor makes His presence known when the people realize He does not serve them, but rather the opposite. Only the unselfish heart can seek a force of good and find something tangible. The ancient powers of good in Alindor are insurmountable. The Deceiver’s only defense against The Maker is keeping humans ignorant to His teachings.


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