The Deceiver

Also named: Seil, The Dark One, Prince of Lies.

The Deceiver has many names because he is several ideas. He is the personification of evil and controller of ‘the darkness.’ He is the idea in your head that encourages to wrong someone and he is also the creator of all deception in the world. In Alindor, The Deceiver has an opportunity to become more than just ideas. If someone willingly allows themselves to fall victim to his deception, he can choose to take them as his vessel and work through them tangibly. When he possess this power, he is able to raise an army of demons from the depths of the west to try and attain dominance over the humans. Seil is select on his choosing of a new vessel because he must first create an atmosphere of hatred to breed his ‘darkness.’ Only when his sickles and helm are together and placed willingly on a deceived soul, can he choose to take that person.



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