Captain Katrina Yusseff

Abandoned, but not by choice when she was young, Kat needed to fend for herself in the harsh port, Galabrask. The city known for its villainous and mostly male residents, Kat was forced to adjust her soft, loving heart to one of intimidating steel. She trusts few, and befriends fewer as she’s always relying on her cunning to unbind her from trouble. With her one companion, Able, Kat commissions her ship across the Sea of Haden for paying travelers.

Known for her beauty and swirling green eyes, Kat seemed different compared to anyone, even within a port of changing faces heading in and out. Her intimidating attitude commanded respect, and as the sailors learned of her, the most experienced knew not to harass. It would be more than an undertaking to chisel Kat’s heart, but her longing for belonging pulls enough weight in stone to make it possible.


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