Of Helisan

A giant among men, Able has taken leave from his village in the Far East to aid Katrina in her shipping business. Helisani are know for the brute force and their devotion to battle. To what they see as a strength however, many others would view as a weakness. Their militaristic ways have caused isolation and hatred towards others that would encroach on their lands.

One afternoon, when Able was out hunting near the Norisani port, he was ambushed by thieves. Just as before one of the villains could quiver an arrow, Katrina arrived from a road nearby and saved the bruiser from a dishonorable death. Ever since the rescue, Able has not left Kat’s side as he was compelled to serve her to regain his honor. Able is highly intelligent, but also literal in his thinking. He will carry out tasks until he views them accomplished, never leaving loose ends needed to be tied up later. Ever since he felt the ocean beneath his legs on a vessel, he’s never felt the need to return to his home, although still proud of his strict heritage. Able set his course out to sea not just for the sheer enjoyment of its freedoms, but also to find another path other than hatred to build his strength.



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