Novel Info

For the last four years, I’ve been writing an adventure novel. This page is dedicated to enrich the story and give the characters a place to call home outside of the book.

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  • Cost: 99 cents
  • ≈77,000 words (223 Pages)
  • Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Fiction
  • Target Audience: Young Adult – Adult
  • Prologue is not a required read for understanding, but gives great background.

Back of the Book: In the world of Alindor, the tides of change are approaching its inhabitants as an age-old evil is reborn. The Deceiver has found a new vessel and is preparing his demonic army for a full scale assault. Two kingdoms, consumed within their personal quarrels, are the only opposition to a hatred that will devour their landscape within a vast shadow. As the leaders stand firm on their grudges, it is up to their heirs to overcome the traditional stereotypes and find a way to strangle the darkened flame, ready to ignite.


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